Fighting The Battle Against Worry - How The Sermon On The Mount Changes Everything

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Without Christ, it’s easy for our minds to be consumed with living the American dream. Accumulation is the name of the game. We seek the things of this world to give us identity and value. Many of these things aren’t inherently bad—a nice home, a new car, a big salary—but we tend to let these things define us. Our trust is in our ability to perform in order to get what we need or want.

But what do we actually achieve if we attain all these things? Sitting right next to us in our nice homes is a void, a hopelessness, and a lack of peace. None of these things truly satisfy; we’re left hungry and thirsty for more. It boils down to a matter of trust: without Christ, our trust is in the wrong place. Trust should be placed in God who does what is best for us. 

  • In your Bible, underline the phrase “your heavenly father knows that you need them” (v. 32) as a reminder that God knows and provides for all your needs.

We can trust God because He alone gives meaning and lasting peace.