Fighting The Battle Against Worry - How The Sermon On The Mount Changes Everything

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


What’s the best way to handle worry? Jesus taught us to take a long look into the sky. When we do, we’ll find birds flying everywhere, and not a one of them seems concerned about what they’ll eat. They don’t give attention to planting seeds or harvesting grain. Neither do they appear to be interested in gathering and storing food just in case of an emergency. They’re free from care because the Father cares and provides for them.

So why shouldn’t we worry when life seems overwhelming with so many unmet demands? The reason is tied to the great value we have in the eyes of our Father. Sometimes it’s hard to truly comprehend that God loves us as His children. Some of us haven’t had the greatest father figures, and some of us have had no fathers at all. Others can’t understand why God would love them when they’re so flawed and sinful. 

But Jesus painted a wholly different picture of our heavenly Father—One who takes care of the birds and adorns the flowers, yet loves us so much more. In spite of our sinfulness, God loves and values us deeply. We can confidently place our trust in God because of His unconditional love for us.

  • When you step outside today, pause to notice the birds and wildflowers in your community. 

  • Thank God for these visible reminders of the depth of his love for us. 

We can trust God because he loves us.