Don't Quit

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Press on.

If you are doing something worth doing, then you are going to face resistance. The Bible shows that nearly every key person who set out to do the work of God faced adversity. A life without adversity is a life that has not yet been lived. It is when you begin to gain traction and start to pick up momentum that you will run into walls.

But you can’t let the walls stop you from reaching your potential. You have to find a way to go around, to go over, or to go through that barrier!

Pressing on looks different to every person. For some, this means gritting your teeth and simply working through the pain. Sometimes you can press on with the weight on your shoulders and make it out. For others, it may require you to take a step back, and analyze the task at hand. Slowing down isn’t the same as failing. There is a difference between taking a step back to assess the situation, and sitting on the sidelines and giving up.

You have to press on. You have to push forward. There is a strength that comes with doing something that you don’t want to do. It is said in Corinthians that God will never put more on you than you can handle. When you feel the weight of your circumstances piling up on you, understand that you are being made strong. That by pressing on in the face of adversity, you are going through a season of growth.

You are becoming something greater than you were before.

Trust in the process. God is developing you for the plan that He has created you to live out. If you want to be great, you MUST go beyond the place where those who aren’t great stop.

When problems arise, don’t dwell on them, go past them.

Press on.