Luke Establishing The Kingdom

Luke Establishing The Kingdom

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Learning from Children

At the center of Luke 18 is a thought-provoking, countercultural lesson. As people crowded around Jesus that day, the disciples were shooing away the children, assuming that Jesus had more important people with whom to spend his time. However, Jesus encourages the children to come to him and he uses the opportunity to teach a lesson that is at the heart of the entire chapter. Jesus tells those gathered around: 

“You will never get into God’s kingdom unless you enter it like a child!” (Luke 18.17). 

What? Did they hear Jesus right? Jesus’s words were a complete reversal of what they believed. What, then, are some of the childlike qualities that we must possess? Early in life, we are trained to be independent. Each activity we learn is designed to make us less dependent on our parents or caregivers. Yet, Jesus used the example of children to teach us a different lesson. Consider these character traits of a child: humility, dependence, eagerness to learn, and expectant hopefulness—even in a world filled with grown-up pain and problems. 

There is no place in God’s kingdom for those who are self-sufficient, prideful, arrogant or cynical. To be assured of our place, we need to adopt a childlike faith as we humbly depend on God to lovingly take care of us and teach us how to be more like Jesus 


Do you struggle with pride? In what ways can you adopt a childlike heart as you follow Jesus? 


Lord Jesus, help us to embrace the knowledge that all who humbly accept you are welcome in your kingdom. 


Review decisions that you will make this week. Depend on God for guidance in these matters. 

Father, sometimes pride gets the best of me and I try to go it alone. Help me to depend on you only and grow in childlike faith and humility. 


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Luke Establishing The Kingdom

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