Luke Establishing The Kingdom

Luke Establishing The Kingdom

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Lost and Found

As Luke 15 opens, Jesus is surrounded by sinners and tax collectors. The Pharisees and teachers of the Law were grumbling because they could not understand why Jesus would eat with those who were considered the lowest in society. Instead of rejoicing because for once, sinners were finally open to listening to the good news of the kingdom of God, the Pharisees and teachers were criticizing and mumbling. 

Since Jesus knew what they were thinking, he told them three stories that are connected. In the first two, he used the analogy of losing something precious (a sheep and a coin) and celebrating when it is found. He was explaining to them that in heaven, there is an enormous celebration when one sinner returns to the arms of God the Father. For God, each one of us is precious and worth being saved.

In the third story, Jesus goes more in depth and reveals the heart of the religious leaders of the time. To do so, he tells the story of the Prodigal Son. In it you can see two brothers. The first runs away from his father and wastes his money in wild living. The second stays home and works in the house of the father. The difference between them? The one who went away repents of his behavior and goes back to the father–the relationship between them is restored. The older brother gets angry at his father because he has organized a party to celebrate the return of his brother. 

The saddest part of the story focuses on the older brother. He is so angry at the father that he refuses to celebrate. He never understood how broken his father’s heart was at losing his younger brother, and he could not care less. It is terrible to witness that after seeing how much his father suffered, he never offered to go and rescue his brother. He stayed with the father, but deep inside, his heart was miles away from his father, to the point that when his brother came back, he could not join in the celebration. 

In contrast, Jesus was the perfect older brother. He left heaven to bring us back to the Father’s house. His love and compassion for our weary, lost souls was so great that he gave his life for us. That is how important and precious we are to Jesus and to the Father. Let us celebrate together with them and learn to love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves. 


Are you aware of how precious you are in God’s sight? Have you ever realized that Jesus is the perfect older brother who loved the Father and us so much that he came to “this foreign land” to rescue us from alienation from himself and from the Father?


Lord, thank you for saving me. Jesus, thank you for giving your life so that I can run to my Father’s arms. 


Can you go from your place of comfort (the house) to distant lands (wherever prodigal sons may be) o bring them back to the Father?

Lord, thank you for choosing me to accomplish your mission. Help me always to celebrate that I have been found by you so that I can celebrate together with you when “prodigal sons” return home. 

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Luke Establishing The Kingdom

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