5 Prayers For Christian Writers

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Overcoming Writer’s Block as a Christian Writer 

The fifth obstacle we want to break through is writer's block. This has been something every writer has faced. We get stuck and nothing seems to be flowing. We sit there staring. One of the worst things to do when you have writer's block is just stare at a blank screen. That blinking cursor.

If you have writer's block, one practical thing to do is go for a walk. Get out and just spend some time with the Lord. Maybe an activity you really enjoy outside of writing. 

We’re praying along the lines of Psalm 45:1 (NIV) which says, “My heart is stirred by a noble theme. As I recite my verses for the king.” My tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.” 

Our Prayer…

“Father, we ask that our tongues, our thoughts, our pen would all be that of a skillful writer. Speak through us and capture the minds of each one of these writers. Father, we pray that you would bring that flow. When we do find ourselves stuck, we ask you to help us get unstuck.

Father, allow that dam to be opened so the river can flow. And we even pray that it would flow at flood stage, that each one of us would overflow into the lives of other communities. Not in a destructive way, but that all of the goodness that you want to bring about through our lives, all of the inspiration would flood not only our own communities but others around the world. We’re praying that our tongue is the pen of a skillful writer and that there would be flow. 

I'm even reminded that Jesus said there would be rivers of living water that would flow out of us, referring to the Holy Spirit being in us and overflowing. But we're asking, Father, that as we set our minds on you, that you would allow us to flow. Then we’ll look back and say, “Thank you Father. Thank you.”

If you're able right now, just raise both of your hands and just receive the flow of the Holy Spirit for your writing. Receive it in Jesus' name. Come, Holy Spirit, come. In Jesus' name may today be a turning point where things would be different.

The picture that God gave me is that some of you are in a dark room and a dark room can be kind of scary. It can lead to these negative feelings or emotions and you feel alone, uncertain, all of these things that come up. But God steps into that room and he is flipping on the light switch. He's flipping it on in Jesus’ name.

Holy Spirit is there with you. Holy Spirit is going to give you what you need like the words, inspiration, God ideas, book ideas and the things that you need right now. And Holy Spirit is going to be the wind in your sails. Some of you are like a ship, just stuck. You're not going anywhere. And it feels like there hasn't been any wind. There's no motor. And you're just sitting there. The Holy Spirit's coming in right now, breathing fresh life into your writing. And he is the wind in your sails propelling you forward. We thank you for this Father. In Jesus' name, Amen.”

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