Grace Anna Presents "Courage For Kids"

Day 4 of 5 • This day’s reading


A wave of fear once overcame me during a doctor’s visit as I waited in the exam room. While the nurse took my temperature and blood pressure, she noticed my heart rate was increasing. I was getting a little anxious. 

She tried her best to console me along with my momma, but the fear was overwhelming. As I sat there, my breathing became faster, and my mind started to race. Then I remembered a favorite song that I had sung in church a few months earlier.

I began to sing the song from the depths of my soul. I sang it as loudly as I possibly could. The nurse and Momma became completely quiet. Each word that I sang comforted my spirit. My heart rate and breathing slowed down. I could feel the fear leaving my body. Soon, I was smiling and laughing, and the nurse and Momma were crying.

Nurses and visitors outside of the room heard me singing too. When I left, they clapped and smiled as I rolled down the hall. My praise not only helped me, but it also touched the hearts of the people around me. God used my small struggle with fear that day to help others, not just me.

God’s spirit covered my fear. Whenever we praise his name, we trust that God has the problem under control. He hears us. In those times, when fear comes at us from nowhere, we must remember to praise his holy name. Our praise welcomes the Lord, builds our faith, and forces the fear to flee.