A Man Just Like Me

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Devotional Content:

Reading through the Bible, I find a lot of heroes. There are men like David, Moses, and Peter. In each of these men, we see a human side and a spiritual side. David committed adultery and murder, yet was a man after God’s own heart. Moses committed murder and fled the scene, but later led the Israelites out of Egypt. Peter denied Jesus three times and then spread the word of the Gospel in much of the known world. Recently, I have been intrigued with Elijah.

Elijah was a prophet. The story of his life is portrayed in the Old Testament book of I Kings. In today’s reading, Elijah, the Lord’s prophet, does battle with 450 prophets of Baal. He gives the prophets of Baal an interesting proposition involving a sacrifice of bulls. Elijah will take a bull and so will the prophets of Baal. Each will prepare their bull for sacrifice and lay it on an altar made of wood. The wood is then to be set on fire by calling on the power of their respective gods. The next verses give us insight to Elijah’s sense of humor as he taunts the Baal prophets when their god does not answer their prayers. Then Elijah really rubs it in by dowsing his altar with a lot of water before praying for God to ignite the fire. Finally he prays. God immediately sends an enormous fire from heaven that not only burns the sacrifice but also the stones and the dust.  That’s a fire!  

Elijah was fighting the enemy and he knew that he would win. As I read this passage, I picture Elijah being calm and confident. He knew God would show up. Elijah was doing what God wanted him to do. God never fails us when we are doing His will.  

I fight enemies every day. I am tempted every day. My battles are against my weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Do I give in to them or trust God? This is what I have learned. When my focus is on God and what He wants me to do, He answers my prayers. I don’t fight the battles alone. I fight along with Him.

Today’s Challenge: 

What battles do you face each day that grow out of your weaknesses and vulnerabilities?  

Going Deeper:

Write down your answers from today’s challenge and then pray for God to be with you as you fight your daily battles. Keep a record of all God does!