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UNCOMMEN Dads Affirm

“Dad, what did you think of that 3-pointer?”
“Did you see the grade I got on my test?”
“Check out this painting.”

As a dad, it’s easy to cheer after the touchdown, a perfect score, or a work of art, but when was the last time our kids felt our approval and applause apart from an accomplishment? Before Jesus preached his first sermon, gathered his team, or performed his first miracle, his Father reassured his son that his pleasure is not tied to performance.

I have a good buddy of mine who has repeated the same conversation with his sons since they started saying the word, “Daddy:”

“Hey buddy, whose son are you?”
“I’m your son, daddy.”
“When will that change?”
“Never dad.”

The Gospel is far more about what God wants to do in and through us than what we do for Him. He chose us as sons and daughters not because of our resume, but because he longed to have relationship with us. Our actions never cause his affections to wax or wane.

Find ways to cheer as loudly for who your kids are as much as what your kids do. Drop a note in their lunch box about why you love hanging out with them, take them out for ice cream after they blow the game, or challenge yourself to affirm them.