Grace & Gratitude: Live Fully In His Grace


Saved by Grace  

From the time we’re born, we are conditioned by cause and effect. If we do something good, we are recognized and praised. If we make a mistake, we are judged and held accountable until it’s made right. We cause our actions to effect reward, acceptance, and restitution. This is why it’s so hard for many to grasp the concept of grace. Out of His mercy, Christ died for us in order to remove man-made conditions so that we could live free under God’s grace. The ultimate cause of Jesus’ death effected freedom and grace in our lives. We no longer have to “do” anything except believe and accept it. Have you?


Father, thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son so that I can live in the covenant of Your grace. Now help me to fully embrace it and walk in the freedom that is now mine. Amen.