Grace & Gratitude: Live Fully In His Grace


Cast Your Burdens 

What weighs on your mind today? What is pulling your spirit in different directions and wearing you out? Dear one, God knows about them all. And He understands that you are weak and can only handle so much at one time. That’s why He promises to help – He will carry your burdens for you. There’s no time or weight limit to make Him say, “You’ve reached your quota for the day.” His strength is limitless, and no amount of trouble is too hard for Him. He finds great pleasure in helping and caring for your every need. But you’ve first got to cast them into His hands, then trust and rest in knowing He’s got them under control.


Lord, thank You for Your grace and strength to carry me through this day. I give You my burdens now and rest in knowing You have taken them, and that You are with me. Amen.