We're Still In This: Healthy Truths For Happy Relationships

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Undivided Attention

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines quality time as, “time spent giving all of one’s attention to someone.” All of one’s attention is worth repeating again because that means giving your undivided attention without any distractions in the background. In other words, this might mean you need to turn off the TV or put your cell phone away and engage in meaningful eye-to-eye contact by really being present in the moment. In the current pace in which this world runs, this definitely means putting on the breaks and slowing down. In doing this you are communicating that the other person you are with is special and greatly valued. To create a foundation for life-giving relationships, learning how to share your soul with someone whom you are safe with both emotionally and physically is the ultimate aim for the healthiest of relationships. You do that when someone cares enough about you to spend time with you by both valuing and validating your opinion – allowing you to feel heard and understood. Undivided attention with another equals unconditional love.

Tangible Takeaway

Do you:

· Put your cell phone down when in conversation?

· Keep eye contact with another while in conversation?

· Listen attentively and engage in the conversation?

· Show empathy (have a nonjudgmental outlook)?

· Avoid distractions of any kind while in conversation?

· Are there any changes that need to be made?