We're Still In This: Healthy Truths For Happy Relationships

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 You Choose 

Have you ever been told you were sensitive or lazy? Or maybe the words you heard were more like worthless, stubborn, impatient, or even stupid? To the contrary, have you ever been told that you were kind and loving? Or maybe smart, hardworking, responsible… have you ever been told that you were a gift? Words matter! In fact, Proverbs says our words bring life or death, and we get to choose. Have you ever had words hurt you to your core? I have. In fact, words have brought poison to my entire body, making me question everything – even at times who I am. You see, when you’re repeatedly told “you’re lazy” or “you’re shy” or “you’re too sensitive”… you soon start to believe it, even if it’s not true. On the other hand, if someone says “you’re kind” or “you’re dependable,” “you’re loyal,” “you’re smart,” or “you’re such a gift,” that self-fulfilling prophecy gives life and bears fruit. Are you choosing your words wisely? Are you filling your loved ones with life-giving words? Or are you using your words to bring pain and hurt? Remember, you choose – poison or fruit?

Tangible Takeaway:

In your current relationships, ask yourself: “Are my words bringing death (poison) or life (fruit) to others?” And when others speak over you, ask the question, “Are these words true (from God), or are these words lies (only man’s opinion)?” Because a self-fulfilling prophecy can be man’s opinion only… so ask God first! You want to both speak in truth and receive the truth that brings freedom!