He That Keepeth My Commandments.

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His Love Manifested. 

When you keep God’s Word He will reveal and manifest Himself to you. When you commune with God and keep His Word close to your heart, God will disclose His secrets and unveil the hidden things out of His Heart. Let God reveal His hidden treasure to you. 

God wants to reveal Himself to you and work through you. The world is waiting on you to disclose yourself as a son. Through the love that you display to others, people will see God working through your love. Some will only come to know Christ through an encounter with you. 

You are God’s gift to the Earth. You were born for such a time as this. Manifest your love to others. Choose to live out a life that pleases God and is directed by His Voice. Let His Word guide your pathway. Become the living Blueprint that transforms generations. Become the example that shifts the spiritual trajectory of your family. 

Shift your destiny by submitting your heart to God. Let God guide your gifts in order to reach others for Him. Let God lead you into uncharted territory. Let God lead you upon the waters. Let God call you out into the deep. Keep His commandments and surrender to Him. Walk with God and He will direct your path. 

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