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August 1


Today we begin reading excerpts from the book of Exodus, the second book in the Bible. The name “Exodus” comes from a Greek word that means “exit” or “departure” and refers to an important event in Israel’s history described in this book – the departure of the people of Israel from Egypt where they had been slaves. The central human figure in the book is Moses, the man chosen by God to lead the people out of Egypt. In today’s reading, God appears to Moses at Mount Sinai in the form of a flame coming from a bush. God tells Moses that he has been chosen to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. God’s divine name is revealed to Moses.

Today’s Scripture: Exodus 3:14, 15b

God said, “I am who I am. You must tell them: ‘The one who is called I AM has sent me to you.’ … This is my name forever; this is what all future generations are to call me.”

Today’s Reading

Exodus 3:1-22


How does Moses respond to what God asks of him (verse 11)? What assurance does God give Moses (verse 12)? The revealing of God’s divine name (verses 14, 15) is an early form of the Hebrew verb “to be” (hwh). Why does Moses want to know God’s name? What does God tell Moses to say to the people?


Almighty God, you are the one who is called I AM, and I know that you are with me always. Guide me this day and lead me in the way of your truth. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Newly elected national leaders

Tomorrow’s Reading

Exodus 4:1-17: God gives Moses miraculous power.


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