Lovestruck A 5-Day Devotional

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


 In a growing relationship it’s so important that a woman not only receive compliments but also gives them. That’s true when we’re dating as well as when we’re married. The giving and receiving of compliments shouldn’t end until we hear the words “May he/she rest in peace.” Did you know that your husband questions his manhood on a regular basis? Guys often feel a need to prove themselves in their work, in their play, and in their marriage. Watch guys at the gym (I mean that in the most innocent way), and you may notice how they compare themselves with each other. That is just a glimpse of how they compare themselves in other arenas of life. Men operate under the burden of performance that leads them to question their ability and impact constantly. From boyhood to manhood they hold themselves to a self-imposed measuring stick that rarely says they’re enough.

I don’t want my husband to have to go somewhere other than home to be affirmed. I bet you don’t either. Let your husband know that, among all the ordinary trees in the forest, he is an apple tree that produces extraordinary fruit. Give him the gift of being preferred. Tell him often that you love tasting his delicious juicy fruit and sitting under the protective branches of his strong hunky arms. I bet you’ll see a yummy smile come on his face.

Solomon and the Shulammite almost seem like they were making a game out of giving compliments, or maybe they just couldn’t contain their excitement. Either way, they were doing more than simply pouring out admiration; they were wooing with words. This makes me stop and think, When was the last time I complimented my husband or let him know that I desired him physically? When was the last time I told him that his love was security and protection itself? That he is the handsomest, wisest, most exciting man alive? That I love kissing him? That I enjoy being near him? I wonder, when was the last time you let your man know that, even though you’ve been married for quite some time, he’s still everything you ever longed for?