Lovestruck A 5-Day Devotional

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 The beginning of a romantic relationship is such an exciting, heady time. It starts with that initial attraction, the breathless wondering about the other person’s feelings and the early stages of desire—all natural parts of the process as we walk toward commitment and deeper intimacy. We see all of this in the first chapters of the Song of Solomon, just as we see it in our own love stories.

It’s a universal experience to be drawn to specific person because of a certain something you can’t quite put your finger on. Isn’t it interesting that one woman will find a man attractive and another will not? Or that one man will find a woman alluring and another will not? Beauty (or handsomeness) truly is in the eye of the beholder. During my dating days, I was never attracted to the neat and tidy guys. Some of my friends swooned over guys with perfect hair who wore name-brand shirts and khaki pants. Not me. I was attracted to rugged guys with a bit of grit, dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. Some are attracted to blue eyes, others to brown. Some to slim, others to stocky. Some to blondes, others to brunettes. Just the idea that men and women are drawn to varied physical traits shows the glorious creativity of God and the complexity of the human mind that we’ll never fully understand.

As we mature, we learn to look beyond the window dressing and into the heart—or at least we should. It takes time to discover what lies beneath the surface of a handsome exterior. But there is always that mysterious physical attraction that catches the eye.

So back to the why.  Why is there the attraction between the opposite sexes? . . . God put it there. God fashioned man and woman to be attracted to one another, and that attraction extends to all our senses—what we taste, smell, hear, touch, see, and what we perceive lies beneath the physical appearance.