30 Days Of Emotional Health


As I waited for the pediatric optometrist to tell me whether or not my daughter had brain tumors, my mind swirled with the worst what-ifs. My fear felt too much to bear, as if the room might implode. So I prayed. 

Often when my situation is beyond my control, or my problem seems immoveable, I talk to God. It’s my line of defense when I’m terrified and don’t know what the future holds. It helps to talk to the One who does. 

My prayers aren’t fancy—just simple words like God help me. I’m scared. I need You. I trust You know what You’re doing in this mess even though I have no idea what’s going on. I know You love me and will always do what is best for me so I pray Your will and no one else’s be done. Amen.

When we talk to God, our words don’t have to be perfect or intellectual. They just have to be honest as we humbly hand our fear to God so we can receive His peace in return. 

That day at the optometrist’s office, I learned the tests were negative. My little girl would live. But those minutes waiting stick with me because there, in the midst of fear, I felt the supernatural peace of God when I needed it the most. Remembering those minutes remind me I overcome anxiety, not by relying on my strength, but by trusting in God’s presence in my frightening times. 

Psalm 147 tells us God’s power and wisdom are unfathomable. He sees all, stands beside us through all, and is victorious over all. The next time fears mount, remember who God is and rest in His love and strength.

~ Andrea Chatelain