30 Days Of Emotional Health


What have you done in secret? It’s both comforting and convicting that Jesus has seen our moments of solitude. I wonder what Nathanael was doing under the fig tree? Was he sleeping? Praying? Wrestling with his thoughts? Whatever it was, he thought he was alone. But that was far from true. The Son of God—Jesus—saw him.

I think of all the times in my youth I thought no one was looking. Back then, I didn’t know God’s heart and didn’t think I was on His radar. So I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and didn’t believe God cared. But John chapter 1 indicates He saw me there and I mattered to Him. He sees us while we’re stuck in sin and leads us out when we cry out to Him for help. Praise Jesus!

He also sees us in our pain. I’ve called out to God in prayer during uncertainty or tragedy. Even when we are faithful, it’s easy to feel unseen. I think of Jesus leaning in close to each of us in our suffering and saying, “I know you think you are alone, but I see you in your need. I saw this situation before you even thought to pray about it. I am with you.” 

There’s something about having a God who knows our entire history, good and bad, and still desires us. He says, “Yep, I saw you there in your sin and your doubt. I saw you there in your hurt and pain. And I am asking you to stand up and come follow Me.” When we do, we experience His unseen and inexplicable peace in His presence. 

In what areas do you feel alone? Trust that Jesus sees you in that place and is always with you.

~ Andrea Chatelain