30 Days Of Emotional Health


 Surely He can’t love me now. This time I’ve blown it too badly. 

My thoughts limited God’s love to human capacity. I believed His love was imperfect like what I’d experienced in human relationships. I’ve seen love betrayed, disappointed, faded with time—but I’m learning God’s love is different.

The more I read my Bible the more I’m rooted in the fact that Christ’s love is immeasurable and incomprehensible. Our minds can’t fathom the greatness of His affection and care towards each of us. It’s not diminished by our bad choices or affected by our neglect. Even when we stray, His love remains immovable. 

Today’s verse found in Ephesians chapter 3 suggests it requires power to grasp Christ’s never-ending love. But when we’re rooted in God’s love, when it’s our deepest identity, we start understanding and unpacking its steadfastness. It changes how we see ourselves and our circumstances when we believe God will never leave, abandon, abuse, manipulate, or ignore us like people do. Instead He will pursue, cover, and protect us unceasingly. 

So when you feel unloveable, undeserving, or unsure, remember you can’t outrun God’s great affection for you. May you have the power to understand the fullness of His love so you can live today in confidence and joy.

~ Andrea Chatelain