30 Days Of Emotional Health


The smell was awful! 

My desk is near our kitchen right where the trash lives. Usually, that’s fine. But on this particular day the stench was terrible. So I pushed the garbage a little further away—just far enough so I couldn’t smell it anymore. Then it struck me—how often do we do the same thing in our lives? Rather than dealing with our problems, we ignore them, push them aside, or create distractions hoping they’ll just go away. 

Facing our junk, whatever it might be, can be scary, messy, or even painful but we are never alone. God says that when, not if, we face trouble, He will be with us. Isaiah 43 tells us He’ll stay near when we go through fire and feel as if raging waters are about to sweep over us.

He doesn’t just give us advice and say He’ll catch up with us when it’s over. No. He says He will be with us—to protect, guide, give us peace, and cover us in His love. Instead of running from your problems today, courageously face them with the assurance that God is at your side, guiding your every step.

~ Christa Cottam