Living Room Revival

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FUN: Unity thrives with laughter

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” — Victor Borge

Our Senior Pastor Brian Houston is the master at creating environments where “anything can happen, and it probably will”. 

Fun is foundational for creating an environment where people feel they are accepted and can belong. 

Fun builds a relaxed atmosphere. 

Fun disarms skepticism. 

Fun creates a safe place for people. 

In John 2, the Bible shares Jesus’ first miracle turning water into wine. Jesus used his first miracle as an illustration of connection at a moment within a massive celebration. Even Jesus placed value on creating an environment for people to celebrate.  

I think many people side-line the concept of fun because they believe they have to be funny. I know I feel like I’m not naturally funny. You don’t have to be a comedian to create fun, but you have the leadership ability to create an environment where you can have fun, create ease & enable others to relax. 

Fun can look different for everyone.  

It could having music playing, so that people enter to an upbeat atmosphere at your Connect Group. 

It could mean playing a game of ‘Mafia Icebreaker’, Google it. 

It could mean playing a card game at the beginning. 

It could mean playing “2 truths & a lie”. 

It could mean celebrating wins from each person in your Connect Group. 

The Connect Group that plays together, stays together. Fun is foundational for unity & connection. 


(1) How can you create create a fun & relaxing atmosphere for people in your Connect Group? 

(2) What could someone receive from your connect group that they can’t get anywhere else?    


Dear Jesus. Help me create unity through fun within my connect group, give me eyes to see how I can create moments of connection for people. Amen.