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GATHER: Turn a Crowd into a Community

"A blessed life is one that understands that when God saves you, He has others in mind. I believe every Christian needs to know that they are not only saved, but are also called to live a life of purpose” — Brian Houston 

"The Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members.” — William Temple 

I’m terrified of large animals… My first connect group I pulled into the driveway to pickup the first person for the night and was immediately introduced to the largest canine bear-like dog I have ever seen in my life. I felt like I had been ambushed in the wild, as the dog jumped on the bonnet of my old Subaru barking through the windscreen. Terrified & sheepishly, I texted my friend to come to the car. 

Often times I feel like this moment sums up most of our emotion of starting a Connect Group.. Who will they be? Where will they come from? How can I help them? Will I face my worst fears in the process? Will I need to be trained in bear handling? 

The best way to start gathering is the very device you are holding right now.. Your phone. 

I love the passage we read today in Luke 15, where Jesus uses the illustration of a Lost Sheep to show how Jesus pursues the “1” amidst the “the 99”. 

If you were to open your ‘Contacts’ right now and scrolled through.. You would quickly find “the 99”. I want to ask you who today would be the “1” you could text right now to gather? Who could be one person that you know needs connection in their life? 


(1) Who is your “1” you can gather?  

(2) What are some ways you can connect with your “1”?  


Dear Jesus. I pray you give me the eyes to see the “1” in the multitude today. Thank you that you saw me and included me like The Lost Sheep, help me to do the same for someone today. Amen.