Everlasting Love

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Everlasting Love

God loves you with an everlasting Love. His Love runs deeper than any Love that you’ve ever experienced. His Love is indescribable. His Love is endless. The signature of His Love runs deeper than the foundations of the Earth. Before the formation of the Earth, God Loved you. His Love is everlasting and His greatness is unsearchable. 

Who is like our God? No one can compare to His Lovingkindness. Nothing can compare to His out stretched arms. His Love will lift you up out of any pit that you may face. His Love will conquer every stronghold that you may battle. His Love will block any assignment, trap and snare that the enemy tries to deploy. His Love will lead you through the wilderness. His Love will protect you through the storm. His Love is marvelous and nothing can compare.

There is no mountain that can stand before Him. His Love will go before you. His Love will crush every giant that stands in your way. Who are you great mountain? There is nothing that can defeat Him. Nothing can outrank Him. His Love breaks every generational curse, struggle and stronghold. His Love plows mountains and is a weapon that defeats every obstacle. His Love stands forever. His Love is freedom.