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Your Life In His Hands 

Is there anything more ordinary than bread? All over the world, there is some version of bread. It’s the building block of a meal, a staple in every diet. It was this way in the world of the Bible. 

It is the very commonness of bread that makes it the perfect metaphor for our lives. If we’re honest, most of what we do is ordinary. Yet throughout Scripture, we discover that nothing is as common as it seems, not even bread. Bread fell from heaven as a sign of God’s provision; bread became a metaphor for the law of the Lord; Jesus referred to himself as “the bread of life.”

In today’s text, Jesus took bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it. Bread in the hands of Jesus is blessed, broken, and given. And so your life, as common and ordinary as bread, in Jesus’s hands becomes something more.

In the hands of Jesus, your life becomes blessed. This blessedness is not about accumulating or achieving more. Blessedness is about having your true identity recovered and your true calling revealed. It is to be given a new name. Once you were a sinner; now you are a saint. Once you were far off; now you are a cherished family member.

In the hands of Jesus, your life becomes broken.

When you place the brokenness of your sin and suffering in Jesus’s hands, you become open to the grace of God. Brokenness becomes openness in the hands of Jesus. After all, bread that is not broken cannot be shared.

In the hands of Jesus, your life becomes given. You realize you are not here for yourself. Life with Jesus is deeply personal but never private. The openness that comes from being broken is meant to lead you outward. When your life becomes blessed and broken in Jesus’s hands, He gives you out for the life of the world. You become the way others find the Bread of Life.

This is all Jesus’s work! And that’s really good news. You don’t have to be spectacular; you can be bread. Just as bread seems common and ordinary but is actually full of glory, so your life is actually miraculous and holy. That’s what happens when Jesus takes us into His hands.

Place your life in Jesus’s hands today.