Dreaming With Joseph: 7 Day Devotional On Greatness

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


Joseph is not the character most people think he is. Our first introduction to the young man is anything but positive.

Right away, we see him tattle-telling on his brothers. Whether or not the stories he tells about them are actually true is a point of contention. On top of that, Joseph is clearly Jacob’s favorite. The family history of favoritism seems to have stood the test of time (Isaac loved Esau more, Jacob loved Rachel more).

Joseph is not a good boy. He is not an example we should follow. At first, he is nothing more than a spoiled kid with a habit for making up stories.

As we will see, this is the person who God gives great dreams; who God uses to save a nation; and who becomes a shining ancient example of the Savior to come.

God doesn’t care where your story starts. He didn’t pass over Joseph because he lied or because he was spoiled. God didn’t pay attention to what was and instead focused on what could be

Joseph would go on to become a great man, a patriarch in his own right. Everyone has to start somewhere and Joseph started here. But as we will see, that is not where God kept him.

Takeaway: Where you start has no bearing on how far God can take you.