Stuck In Reverse


Restored by Grace

Immediately before Jesus told the parable of the prodigal son, He told the story of the lost sheep (Luke 15:4-7). He was setting the stage for the story of God’s eternal love and restoration. The Lord rejoices at the sound of our repentance because He knows when we turn back to Him, we’re developing a heart for His principles and truth.

When we’re unwilling to submit ourselves to the authority of God, sin binds us. Instead of being under God’s rule, we’re being ruled by the very things that keep us bound in the darkness. We could list many things here that we allow to occupy the place only God should hold within our hearts. Thankfully, God freely offers us His grace, which covers all of our sins and releases us from their bondage. 

The person who sincerely comes to God is never turned away. He longs to give us another opportunity to abandon our self-driven desires in order to live fully for Him. We have no idea what God can do in our lives if we’ll give ourselves to Him. The potential is endless because our heavenly Father is infinite in power and only desires our very best. 

So, if you’ve been away from God for a long time or find that you’ve traveled a long way in the wrong direction, stop and remember these three important truths:

1. You can never outrun God. No matter how far you run, God knows exactly where you are, and His love for you remains constant (Ps. 139:4-10).

2. You can never “out sin” the grace of God. He’ll never look at you and think, Your sin is too great … I can’t keep loving you. God’s desire is that you won’t yield to temptation. He knows what sin will do to your life, especially your heart. Nothing is more powerful than His grace and ability to love. And nothing is greater than His love for you.

3. God wants you to come home to Him. God is watching, waiting, and longing for us to turn back to Him. And even if you’ve not gone astray, His desire is for you to draw even closer to Him.