Stuck In Reverse

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A Step of Faith

No matter how difficult life becomes, God’s grace and mercy are greater than any problem we’ll ever face. There’s always hope because we have God. To understand this fully, we must exercise our faith and learn to trust Him with the circumstances of our lives.

Though difficulties and hardships will come, if we’re focused on God, He’ll direct our paths and guide us through troubled times. He knows exactly how to meet every need. Nothing that touches our lives goes unnoticed by Him. He’s aware of every past, present, and future event. The answer to every problem we’ll face can be found in the Word of God.

So how do we step out in faith and handle thoughts and feelings that have the potential to undermine the will of God in our lives?

1. Ask God to make you aware of whos doing the talking. God always breaks into our lives with words of encouragement, hope, and fulfillment—words that motivate us to go in a direction that’s in keeping with His purpose, goal, and desire. He’ll never guide us in a way that’s contrary to His will.

2. Ask the Lord to show you if you may’ve taken a wrong turn. God’s promises are always framed in “yes.” He’ll lead you to a place where you’ll fulfill His plan for your life. Don’t waste your days seeking to become something God’s not called you to be.

3. Pray and seek God’s will for your life. People who take off without direction or a spiritual road map usually end up in trouble. However, God’s Word is a steady, sure compass for our lives. When we study it each day, God will apply His principles to our lives—and an entirely different world will open before us.

4. Expect God to increase your faith. People who become stuck in life usually have a hard time with new challenges and fall short of their goals. However, God always motivates us to keep moving forward because He’s always on the advance. When we lift our eyes to Him in faith, He gives us exactly what we need to stay on the right course.

5. Ask God to give you clear guidance for the future. Because God created all things and nothing escapes His knowledge, you can pray and ask Him to guide you through each day. He knows the future, and He’ll prepare you for every twist and turn you’ll face in this life.

6. Be willing to wait for the Lord to work in your life. There are times when God will allow you to go through a season of waiting. During this time, you may feel as though you’re in a very narrow place and not moving forward. But you are advancing, even when you feel as though you’re standing still. God works all things together in our lives for our good and His glory (Rom. 8:28).

Will you take a step of faith and trust the Father with your entire life? You don’t have to spend another day traveling in reverse or stalled on the side of a road that leads to nowhere. You can begin again, but only with His help.

He’s waiting for you—trust Him. Obey Him and He will take care of all that concerns you. This is His promise to every believer. It’s also the way to shift out of reverse and into an eternal forward gear ... one that will prepare and energize you for God’s greatest blessings.

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