Living On Purpose

Day 2 of 3 • This day’s reading


Day Two: Use Every Day For The Kingdom by Bearing Fruit

Begin today's entry by listening to the audio message. None of us have all of the answers right out of the gate but we can learn from Scripture. We are all in this process of learning, discovering and growing. But as you and I learn and grow, we need to keep this in mind:

Every day you don’t do something for the Kingdom is a wasted day.

As you think about your purpose and why it matters to you, look for ways your purpose will impact and improve the lives of others. The seed of your dream that God has planted inside of you always, always, always (and oh, did I say always) will bring Him glory and bring others good. 

You CAN increase your impact and carry out your dream when you look at it through the lens of what motivates you to do so. You ARE here to bear fruit! Knowing this, answer the following questions:

1. Is what you spend the bulk of your time, talents and treasures on in your life worthy of who you are a being created in the image of God? Why or why not?

2. Is what you spend the bulk of your time, talents and treasures on going to be a source of reward when you get to heaven or a source of embarrassment when you finally see things for how they really are in eternity? Why or why not?

3. What changes do you need to make in how you spend your time, use your talents and invest your treasures that will position you to leverage all three for the glory of God and the good of others?

4. In what way do those changes merge (or intersect) with your desires and your dreams?

The purpose God has called you to live out will be a purpose that bears fruit (John 15:16). You can often look at the outcome of fruit in your life in order to identify where God is working and how He has created you to live out the dream He has placed within you.