Keys For Kids Devotional: Count Your Blessings



Mom found Becca crying in the backyard, watching her dog, Sheba, paw at leaves in the flower bed. "What's the matter, honey?"

"I don't want Sheba to get sick," Becca said. "I know the vet took that lump off her leg, but she said it could come back." 

"It could, but maybe it won't," said Mom. "It may never come back."

"But what if it does?" Becca sniffed. "I don't want Sheba to die." 

"Of course you don't," said Mom, offering Becca a tissue. "But worrying about that is keeping you from enjoying her. You look just as sad now as you would if she died." Mom bent down to pet Sheba. "Do you remember what happened to Job?"

"Job?" asked Becca. "You mean the man in the Bible?"

"Yes," said Mom. "He had plenty to be happy about--a big family, lots of money. Then he lost everything. After Job's problems started, he said, 'The thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me.'" 

"That doesn't make me feel better," said Becca. 

"Wait! I have a point." Mom dried a tear from Becca's cheek. "All those years, he had his family with him. He had prosperity and success. But do you think his worrying helped him enjoy those things?" 

"No," said Becca, petting Sheba's head. 

"And did being afraid of losing everything stop it from happening?" 

Becca hugged Sheba. "No. But what can I do about being sad? It doesn't have an off button."

"No, but we have a choice when it comes to worrying about sad things that might happen," said Mom. "We can worry, which doesn't help anyway, or we can choose to thank Jesus for all He's done for us and the good things we have today--like Sheba. We can talk to Him about troubling things and then trust Him to work them out. Job did that. He continued to love and believe in God." 

Mom picked up a ball and looked at Sheba, who wagged her tail. "I think she needs a playmate," said Mom, throwing the ball.

Becca took off running. "Come on, Sheba!" she called. "I bet I can get to that ball before you do." Sheba quickly caught up with her, and together they raced across the lawn.  



Do you worry about what might happen tomorrow? If worrying keeps you focused on what might go wrong, you can’t enjoy what you have right now. When you start to worry, pray about the problem and talk to a parent or another adult about it. Then choose to thank Jesus for the many blessings you do have and enjoy them as you trust Him.


Do not worry about tomorrow. (Matthew 6:34, NKJV)


Enjoy your blessings today.