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7 Days Of Preparing For Great ExploitsSample

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7 Days Of Preparing For Great Exploits

DAY 1 OF 7

Day 1: Prepare to Receive!

 "… But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do great and mighty exploits" (Daniel 11:32b).

I love the movie Facing the Giants. In this movie, Mr Bridges confronts Coach Taylor with a powerful reminder: "God is not finished with you yet." He instructs him to "bloom where you are planted." When Mr. Bridges turns and walks out, Coach Taylor goes after him to get more clarity. The coach then begins to confess his doubts and concerns. 

In that scene, Mr. Bridges then begins to relay a story about how two farmers were desperately praying for rain. Both of them needed rain badly; but out of the two, only one of them went out to prepare his fields to receive the rain. 

Mr Bridges asks, "Which one of them trusted God to send the rain?"

"The one who prepared his fields for it," Coach Taylor responded.

Mr. Bridges then asked, "Which one are you? God will send the rain; you've just got to prepare your fields to receive it!"

My friend, if you desire to do great exploits for God, you have to prepare to receive those exploits straight from Heaven.

The men and women of God who do great and mighty exploits are the ones who prepare to receive the words that the Lord has been spoken over their lives. Even if it has been days, weeks, months, or years since God uttered His promises, they prepare anyway. 

When you know your God, your heart is fixed on Him and your expectation is 'through the roof.' When you really know Him, you are standing on your tip-toes, ready to experience the great and the mighty!

I grew up as the baby of a family with twelve children. 

I have known God from the tender age of twelve years old, at which time when I began to travel with my sisters. We sang all over various parts of the southern United States. 

During that time, I came to a point in my life where my faith in God became truly MINE. I may have started off serving Him because God was my mother’s God, my daddy’s God, or my sisters' God, but there came a point where He became MY God. I realized that I knew Him! I had experienced miracles in my life for which I had prayed. I had received breakthroughs, and God had answered my prayers. He was, and still is, MY God.

When I came to that realization through the power of the Holy Spirit, I knew I had to posture myself to receive the GREAT and the MIGHTY things that He had purposed for me. I knew I had to prepare for the ministry that He had called me to do. So, I did—and, even after decades of preaching the Gospel all over the world, I continue preparing to receive today!

My friend, you must do the same thing if you want to do great exploits in the Kingdom. So I challenge you today: PREPARE YOURSELF!

Tomorrow, we'll talk more about how to prepare yourself to do great and mighty exploits. Be sure to check back for the next day of the Plan!


Day 2

About this Plan

7 Days Of Preparing For Great Exploits

The Bible says that the people who know their God shall be STRONG, and shall do great exploits. In this 7-day series, you will learn how to prepare and activate great exploits and mighty works in your life!

We would like to thank Judy Jacobs Ministries for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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