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Eternal Realities

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Hell Exists Because Evil Exists

Some people deny the existence of evil. They believe the world is full of basically good people, humans who are fundamentally unselfish, kind, and always thinking of others.

But here’s the problem with that worldview: It doesn’t square with reality. Just turn on the television or pick up a newspaper. Our world is full of broken relationships, broken promises, rape, abuse, murder, child molestation, terrorism, and all sorts of evil. Evil is all around us.

The Bible says that, because of our nature, we primarily think about ourselves. It’s just what we do. None of us naturally consider what’s best for the world around us. We don’t naturally think about what God wants us to do. Instead we focus on what’s easy, convenient, and desirable.

So God looked down on the earth in Noah’s day and said, “What a mess they’ve made of this! Look at what people have done to themselves, one another, and the planet I’ve given them. They’ve screwed everything up.”

And the Bible says, “It broke his heart” (Genesis 6:6b NLT).

That’s the way God feels about the state of the world today. It breaks his heart.

The existence of evil proves the necessity of Hell. Heaven is perfect, and since all of us are made for eternity and none of us are perfect, there must be a place for evil to spend eternity.

That place is Hell.

But we have another option. The Bible says that though we’re not perfect, Jesus paid the price for our sin. We can spend our eternity with Jesus instead of separated from God in Hell.

Hell is real. Never forget that! Live with that reality, and it will change how you live.

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Eternal Realities

The Bible says, “What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror; then we shall see face-to-face” (1 Corinthians 13:12). In this series, Pastor Rick explains eternal realities and the choices you must make to determine y...


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