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Jesus’ Teachings on Prosperity in the MarketplaceSample

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Jesus’ Teachings on Prosperity in the Marketplace

DAY 1 OF 4

The Atmosphere which Jesus Was Born Into

Have you ever wondered how your life, work, or business could impact the world for the better and how it could help the Kingdom of God? This is a wonderful question and one that we should all be asking ourselves. In fact, because of the great work of Jesus, we are all now in a powerful position to use our work in the modern day marketplace to transform culture and create a more prosperous world. 

His work for transforming the world began from the moment he entered the world. In fact, the world he was born into was surprisingly violent and savage. It was riddled with greed, corruption, poverty and starvation. The Jewish aristocracy which included wealthy priests, the political leaders, the tax collectors like Zacchaeus, and the oppressive Roman rulers who incentivized the leaders to tax the Jews, had reduced the nation to extreme poverty. You could say that Jesus was born into “Babylonian” culture, which means that greed, corruption, and self-centeredness had made the leaders fabulously wealthy at the expense of their own people. That was the situation into which Jesus was born and that is why He was so incensed with what He found in first-century Palestine. 

Jesus demonstrated what it looked like to show compassion, to care for the most oppressed, and to build bridges between all members of society. He came to share the love of the Father and show us how God intended our lives to be. When He came as a savior to oppressed people, He broke the chains of corruption and greed, and established a new covenant whereby they were no longer required to bring sacrifices to the corrupt priests but could go straight to the Father for the forgiveness of sins, healing, and redemption. 

One of the first steps toward operating in a positive culture of prosperity and love in the marketplace, is to understand the world that Jesus was born into and understand his teachings on sharing and caring. As you learn more about Jesus’ teachings, you will be able to implement them in your own business and career and join Jesus in transforming culture for the better. 

About this Plan

Jesus’ Teachings on Prosperity in the Marketplace

In this 4-day plan, I will explain how Jesus tackled the root causes of the Babylonian culture of greed, fear, and corruption and replaced it with a Kingdom culture of caring and sharing for universal prosperity and flou...


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