Reading Galatians With Charles Spurgeon



Planting Grace in the Soil of Poverty

Spurgeon’s note on 2:10

Poverty is no virtue. Wealth is no sin. On the other hand, wealth is not morally good, and poverty is not morally evil. Virtue is a plant that depends not upon the atmosphere which surrounds it but upon the hand which waters it and upon the divine grace which sustains it. We draw no support for grace from our circumstances whether they are good or evil. Our circumstances may sometimes militate against the gracious work in our breast, but no position in life is a sustaining cause of the life of grace in the soul. But yet, mark you, God has been pleased, for the most part, to plant his grace in the soil of poverty. He has not chosen many great or many mighty men of this world, but he has chosen “the poor in this world to be rich in faith and Heirs of the Kingdom that he has promised to those who love him.” (James 2:5)