Reading Galatians With Charles Spurgeon


DAY 2: GALATIANS 1:11-24

The Eyes of Love Darted Upon This Chief of Sinners

Spurgeon’s note on 1:15-16

Paul’s conversion is generally considered so remarkable for its suddenness and distinctness, and truly it is. Yet, at the same time, it is no exception to the general rule of conversions but is rather a type, or model, or pattern of the way God shows patience to them who are led to believe in him. It appears from the text, however, that there is another part of Paul’s history which deserves our attention as much as the suddenness of his conversion, namely the fact that although he was suddenly converted, yet God had had thoughts of mercy toward him from his birth. God did not begin to work with him when he was on the road to Damascus. That was not the first occasion on which eyes of love had darted upon this chief of sinners, but Paul declares that God had separated him and set him apart, even from his mother’s womb, that he might by and by be called by grace, and have Jesus Christ revealed in him.