Put Your Hope In The Lord

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He shall come down like rain upon the grass before mowing, like showers that water the earth. Psalm 72:6

When the grass in our gardens gets long, we take the lawn mower and cut the lawn. After this, the grass sometimes looks as though it is absolutely devastated. But if we fertilize it right away, and if the rain comes down from heaven, new growth comes up and looks so much better than before.

Sometimes we feel like freshly mown grass that doesn’t look so good. Maybe you have just been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Maybe you have lost a loved one and you don’t know if you can carry on anymore. Trust that the Lord is going to send rain from heaven. It will stimulate you to live again. In fact, you will live better than before.

That is why the Lord says in John 3:7 that we must be born again. It is a new beginning, a new start in our lives. Before you are born again you may feel just like that mowed grass. However, then the Holy Spirit comes on you, revitalizes your soul, and causes new growth in your life.

When we go through a testing time and we think we will never recover from it, God reassures us that we will. Mowing and fertilization may feel violent and unpleasant, but in due season God will send refreshing, invigorating rain from heaven, rain full of goodness and grace. Just keep talking to Him and keep the door open.

Remember that our God is a good God. He is for you, not against you. So go out today and say, “Lord, I am expecting a new beginning!”

Jesus, I rely on You to bring freshness and new growth. When I am dry and withering, I wait dependently on Your miraculous mercy. Amen.