Put Your Hope In The Lord

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The word expectation in the dictionary means “a strong belief that something will happen.” Is your expectation – your hope – in your business? The degree you are going to get at the end of the year? Your marriage? The medal you are hoping to win?

I have walked this road a long time, and every time I put my hope and expectation in man I have been disappointed. Put your expectation and hope in the Lord and you will not be disappointed.”

When we put our expectation and hope in our family, our company, or our sporting abilities, we get disappointed and put tremendous pressure on our loved ones. Expecting our spouse or our children to excel where we didn’t is putting an unnecessary burden on them. Your spouse is not your provider: God is. 

He may use your spouse to provide for your family, but ultimately it is God who cares for you. Let’s prevent frustration and disappointment by placing our hope and our trust in God alone.

Dear God, You are the only one I can trust with my hopes and dreams. Help me to put my expectations in the right place. Amen.