Hollywood Prayer Network On Pride

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"Pride the first peer and president of hell."  Daniel Defoe

PRAY:  Dear God, I don't want to be prideful. I know that you say pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit comes before a fall. Help me to humble myself before You and others, not that I just want to be exalted, but that if I am exalted it's because You lifted me up, I didn't try to lift myself up, before You or before other people. Give me a humble heart, God, and please help me to keep my eyes on You every day. I pray this in Jesus' name.

REFLECT:  As the Church, we have certain sins that we think are better or worse than others. We can almost make a list of sins, from "not so bad" to "horrible". And then we judge others, based on which sins of theirs are the "bad" or "worse" ones. And we tend to ignore the "not so bad" sins, in ourselves and in others. But how often do we look at, respond to, or try to change the sin of "pride" in ourselves or others? God tells us that pride leads us to destruction and yet aren't we prideful when we judge others, when we talk against others or decide that their sins are worse than ours? The world could be a completely different place if we just eradicated the sin of pride in the hearts of mankind. Ponder that thought. How does that start with you?

ACT:  When was the last time you talked against someone, or you judged someone's words or actions? When did you last feel superior to someone else because they dressed inappropriately, acted poorly, had messy hair, or used bad language? Think of each occasion and then, without condemnation, notice your pride in that situation. Could it be that if you try to check your pride, you'll end up not pointing a finger at other people? How many examples of that have you thought of right now? How can you respond to others with more humility? Make that a priority this week as you study pride. That's the hardest sin to see in ourselves!