How Christ Offers Freedom From Pornography

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You’re Past the Hardest Part

Pornography is no small issue, but you know that already. That’s why you’re here. You know this is a huge problem. 

Congratulations on reaching such a big step. Many people never get to a point where they recognize that they need help, and because of that, they never experience the freedom of sin that Christ has for us. 

You, on the other hand, have already past the hardest part, and while that’s wonderful news, you cannot do the rest on your own. You need community that offers accountability, you need to lean on others who have gone through this, and most importantly, you need the Holy Spirit to guide you through this. 

Luckily, all those things are possible. 

In this study, we will look at how the Gospel of Jesus makes it possible for you to walk in the way of the righteousness. Even if that feels impossible right now, even if you think you’ve waited too long or if it seems hopeless, God can get you through this. If you trust in Him, He will set you free from this struggle. 

You do not have to live as a slave to sin. He has made a way for you to be free, and since you have arrived here, you are on the right track. The scriptures for today remind us of our guiltiness, but they also remind us of God’s goodness and the grace He offers us. 

As you read the verses for today, begin walking in righteousness by confessing your sin and praying that God forgives you.