Purpose, Passion And Potential

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In today’s world, it seems like everyone is looking for their purpose. We live in an era overflowing with self-help books, inspirational talks and goal embedded planners – all working towards helping you find your purpose. Some of us find daily purpose in pursuing our careers, in building a family or in helping set up for worship every Sunday. Yet, in the carrying on of our daily lives, we should not forget that God has a greater purpose in plan for his Kingdom – and we all fit into his purpose in our own unique ways. That’s why he promises in Romans 8: 30 that he has chosen us, that he calls us by name, that we are justified and that we will be glorified through him. In turn, he asks us to fix our eyes on Jesus and move to be more like him every day. 

That’s not an easy task because the purpose we set out for ourselves are often goals we know we can eventually achieve. Yet, God’s purpose in our lives goes above and beyond our wildest imaginings. He promises to take us to the limits of what we thought possible and then bless us even more – if only we would listen for his voice and answer by saying ‘here I am, Lord.’

As we delve into this 3-day devotional series on Purpose, Passion and Potential, take time to put these verses into action. This weekend, keep your ears open for any purpose that God might be trying to convey to you through others. When you hear of an opportunity or an avenue that speaks to you – no matter how impossible it may seem – try responding with a yes and give yourself the chance to see the miracles that God has planned for your life.