Rest For The Restless

Rest For The Restless

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Today, you are a recipient of the greatest invitation that you have ever received. Hard to believe? It’s true! I say that this is the greatest invitation because it comes from a person who is infinitely worthy. The person who gives this invitation is Jesus Christ. His incredible invitation is found in Matthew 11:28 where Jesus says, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

This invitation is for “all who labor and are heavy laden.” This call is not for the self-sufficient. This is not for the arrogant or brash. Unfortunately, many people are too proud to admit that they are burdened. They don’t realize that they need divine help. So, Jesus invites those who labor and are heavy laden. The word labor means the burdens we take upon ourselves. And the phrase heavy laden refers to the burdens (legalistic rules) that others put upon us (cf. Matthew 23:4; Luke 11:46). 

An orthodox Jew was burdened by his religion. A Jew had to keep all the 613 commandments mentioned in the Law. Added to that, they had to follow several rules and regulations mentioned in the Jewish traditions. A Jew lived under the echo of “Thou shalt not.” But the Bible says that we can  never be saved by following the Law (Galatians 2:16). 

Are you bearing a heavy burden of sin and guilt (Psalm 38:3-4)? Then, Jesus offers you rest. In Matthew 11:28, the word ‘rest’ means salvation. You cannot be set free from your burdens and attain salvation by trying to follow the Law in your own strength or by doing good works. Good works are the fruit of salvation, not the root of it. Christ did all that needs to be done in order to gain your salvation. All you need to do is to come to Jesus with simple trust, repent of your sins, and ask him to forgive you. Note that this invitation is universal. Jesus says “all who labor and are heavy laden.” It doesn’t matter which race you belong to, which religion you follow, which region you belong to, or what the color of your skin is. This invitation is for you! You are invited!

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Rest For The Restless

This devotional will help seekers to find Christ and encourage believers to find rest in Christ from everyday trials.

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