Forgiveness Heals



2 Corinthians 5:18-19

Forgiveness and reconciliation walk hand in hand. To reconcile is to bring together, to restore. Normally, reconciliation occurs when two people who had allowed something to come between them are restored and reunited. 

Sin broke the relationship between God and humanity. When any of us sins, we work against God. When we live for the world and worldly things, we become an enemy of God (James 4:4). But this is exactly the point of God's great love or reconciliation.

God did not reconcile and save us when we were righteous and good. He reconciled and saved us when we were His enemies, ignoring and rejecting Him. Restoring a broken relationship will often require you to step out first in forgiveness toward a person who is full of sin and has chosen to go against you. To do so is a true act of dying to oneself and living out the character of Christ! 

God reconciles us to Himself by the death of Jesus Christ. That means that God Himself was in the person of Jesus Christ reaching out to us - that He came to earth to reconcile us. That same Spirit is inside of you, empowering you to reach out in humility and forgiveness and pursue reconciliation with those who hurt you. 

Study Questions:

  • Is there a relationship in your life that needs reconciled?
  • How should God's act of reconciling you to Himself affect your life?
  • This week, take time to ask God to give you His heart for reconciliation. He can do far more than we ever ask or think! 

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