Forgiveness Heals

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Psalms 51:1-7

In the previous study, we talked about the importance of confessing your sin to God in order to be forgiven. In these verses, we can glean a lot from David about genuine confession of sin that results in experiencing the full gift of forgiveness. 

First, genuine confession acknowledges what we have done to God by sinning. Genuine confession is accompanied by godly sorrow that causes us to grieve over the pain we have caused God. 

Second, genuine confession accepts whatever judgment God deems necessary. In His infinite wisdom, God knows what we need to keep us from continuing in sin. In His infinite love for us, He will discipline us as severely as necessary to produce holiness in our lives. 

Third, genuine confession revolves around repentance, around the deep, heartfelt desire to turn from our sin. David's repentant spirit was evident in his desire to be clean within and to be forgiven. He knew that the root of the problem was his depraved sinful nature. He did not just ask for forgiveness; He pleaded with God to wash him within. He earnestly longed to be changed within so that He would never again commit such hideous sins. 

With genuine confession, we experience the full gift of forgiveness the way God intended.

Study Questions:

  • Do you earnestly long to be changed within?

  • What motivates you to seek forgiveness from God?

  • How can you change your mindset in confession in order to experience the full gift of God's forgiveness in your life?