The Journeys Of The Ark Of The Covenant


1450 B.C.

  • Exodus 25. At Mount Sinai, God commands Moses to build the ark of the covenant.

  • Exodus 26:30-34. Moses was also ordered to make a veil of blue, purple and scarlet materials and of fine twined linen.

  • Exodus 40:1-21. The ark of the covenant was to be placed in the Most Holy Place in the tabernacle. The ark did not become a Holy Place until it was placed in the Holy of Holies and the glory of the Lord came to rest upon it (verse 34, 35).

  • Numbers 3:30, 31; 4:2-18. The ark of the covenant would be carried exclusively through all its journeys by the Kohathites. In Numbers 10:33 we read of the first journey of the ark. In this case, the journey lasted three days. Sometimes the journeys lasted longer and at times shorter. Israel roamed around in the desert for forty years (actually 39 years) with the ark of the covenant that was always in the lead.

  • Numbers 14. The trip from Horeb (Sinai) to Kadesh Barnea took eleven days (Deut. 1:2). They then sent out the 12 spies, but because of their unbelief, the Lord led the people back into the desert where they moved around for nearly 40 years as punishment for their unbelief and disobedience.

  • Numbers 17:8, 10. The rod of Aaron was placed before the ark of the testimony as an indication of whom God had chosen to exercise the priestly function.

  • Joshua 3-4. The priests carried the ark of the covenant through the Jordan River. Twelve stones were set up in the Jordan River after the Jordan had opened up.

  • Joshua 6. The ark of the covenant is carried around the city of Jericho.

  • Joshua 7-8. As a result of Israel’s defeat at Ai, Joshua falls down before the ark in supplication to the Lord because of the sins of the people. After the invasion and destruction of Ai, an altar was built to the Lord on Mount Ebal. At this place, Joshua wrote a copy of the Law of Moses on the stones while the people stood on both sides of the ark of the covenant.

  • Joshua 18: 1-10. The tabernacle (tent of meeting) was pitched in Shiloh (within the territory of the tribe of Ephraim), because the land of Canaan had been subdued by the Israelites.

  • Joshua 22:12, 19. The children of Israel gathered in Shiloh, because it was the place where the tabernacle and ark were located.