30 Day Prayer Challenge



I believe that so many have never discovered the power of prayer in seeking to know and do God's will. Step by step, day after day God reveals His will and shows the way to those who truly seek Him and ask Him. The Bible describes the will of God as "good and acceptable and perfect" - does it get any better than that?

I've met plenty of people who are nervous seeking the will of God in prayer because they want what they want and are anxious that what God wants for them involves an entirely different plan! What I tell them in response is that, God's will for our lives is what we would want if we really knew what we wanted. And because most of us don't have the big picture of what is needed in our lives, we simply need to pray. We are to seek the will of God, something that we're to long for, love, yearn for, and yield to.

And so, we seek God's will through prayer. And then, upon sensing His direction, we joyfully follow it with grateful hearts, asking Him as we take each faith-filled step to bend our will to His perfect plan.

Seeking the will of God is asking that our lives be in conformity to His will. It is recognizing the sovereignty of God and saying, "Lord, your will is what I seek, your purpose, your plan in my life. I want to be on your agenda, not mine."

Pray for the will of God in your life and make it your prayer every day. Real prayer is surrendering our will, to the will of God, submitting our way to the ways of God.


Listen to prayer

Find peace, purpose and strength with Jesus in prayer.