30 Day Prayer Challenge



We face a very clear and present danger in our generation. Behind the scenes a battle is being fought for the very hearts and lives of men, women, and children across the planet. This invisible war is being waged between the forces of evil and the forces of good, between God Himself and a created being known as Satan.

We, as believers, are in this battle and we're in it to the very end. We are not tourists on a vacation in this world if we're following Jesus. We are soldiers on a mission for Him. And the only way to win this war is to prepare and to pray.

Jesus taught us to pray in order to overcome the temptation of the enemy. When we pray, we are protecting our faith, our future, and our families. In these times, we must remember that we are fighting a spiritual battle that can only be won with the spiritual weapons God has provided. God has promised deliverance for His children if we pray.

Maybe you're in the throes of temptation right now and you're tempted to compromise your purity. You're in a test of your faith. Perhaps you are tempted by unhealthy habits or to say words that are better left unsaid. What do you do? Turn to God for strength in times of temptation and realize that He understands the pressure you are experiencing. In a world filled with temptation, we have a stronghold against the enemy because our God is a deliverer.

Pray this day for the power of Jesus Christ in your life to deliver you and the ones you love from temptation.


Listen to prayer

Find peace, purpose and strength with Jesus in prayer.