30 Day Prayer Challenge



Persistent prayer takes faithfulness and patience, especially because we're usually praying about things in our lives that are slow to change. If you're knocking on the doors of heaven now, in anticipation of God answering a real request in your life, be assured that He hears you. God knows your need, and He cares.

When the answer to our heartfelt plea is slow in coming we must persevere. Persistent prayer means praying through our doubt, praying through our fears, and refusing to give up. So many times we pray for certain things to happen, when God has a better plan in mind. And so we keep knocking until we receive the direction we need.

Scripture says that God will reward in heaven those who are faithful to pray here on earth, because it is these devoted people who have the greatest eternal impact. Praying believers change the destinies of men and women and even the histories of nations. I firmly believe that when we get to heaven, we'll see countless rewards given to people who never preached from a platform, who were never identified as great leaders, but who prayed faithfully, without fail.

Have you ever "given up" on a prayer request thinking that God won't answer? Let me remind you today of the qualities of our awesome God: He is patient, long-suffering, and all-knowing. Will you trust Him today with a long-term prayer request? Will you commit to praying persistently about what's on your heart until you hear from God?


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Find peace, purpose and strength with Jesus in prayer.