Motherhood: The Freedom Of Not Being Enough

Motherhood: The Freedom Of Not Being Enough

DAY 4 OF 6

Take Off That Cape

Have you ever felt like there’s so much on your plate that you have little choice but to roll up your sleeves and get started pronto?  Whether I admit it or not, I often feel like a superhero trying to save the day. 

My save-the-world antics inevitably mean one thing: my prayer life gets to play second fiddle to my work (paid or otherwise). I’ll pray in a bit, I tell myself. Just as soon as I tackle these few non-negotiable items, I say with practiced conviction. And the enemy smiles.

Inevitably, everyday pressures come swinging through the door. And, predictably, my response to those pressures is ugly or cowardly or both. I had thought I could handle it all on my own. I had taken the Eternal, Omnipotent God out of the equation and told Him, “Thanks for your help so far, but I got this from here.”

Let’s remind ourselves that it’s okay to take off that cape. It’s okay to retire that title of Super Anyone… whether it is Super Mom, Super Employee, Super Church Member, or whatever else your particular brand of superhero might be. You and I have the marvelous (and, woefully under-used) option of taking a deep breath, releasing control, and letting God be God!

Lean In

Father God, You are so patient with me. Often, I go about life like I don’t need You. It’s only when the pressures mount, do I come back to You. Forgive me for choosing pride and self-will over submission. I pray that I will live each day in joyful surrender to the One who is able. Amen.


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Motherhood: The Freedom Of Not Being Enough

Women, particularly moms, are increasingly being told that we are “enough.” Best-selling books, popular blogs and even sermons constantly repeat the “You are enough” mantra. But does that phrase help grow our dependence ...

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