Motherhood: The Freedom Of Not Being Enough

Motherhood: The Freedom Of Not Being Enough

DAY 3 OF 6

The God Who Redeems

There’s a voice in your head that whispers: You’ve gone and done it again. You’ll never get this mom thing right. This is going to mess up your child forever.

But, today, let’s recognize those accusing statements are the voice of the enemy. It’s a voice of condemnation, of shame, of blame. It’s a voice that wants to pull you down and leave you in the mire.

That’s not the voice of our loving God. His voice speaks the truth in love. It convicts, but never condemns. 

Here is one of motherhood’s guarantees: You will mess up. You will say things you don’t mean. At a volume you didn’t plan on. You will snap at your kids simply because they are easy targets. 

God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. (Yes, even mothers are off the hook.)

What He does want is our repentance for when we fail. 

When I miss the mark, I don’t brush away my sin with self-glorifying platitudes of “enough-ness.” Neither do I beat myself up. Instead, I go to the One who redeems my mistakes and gives me the grace to carry on.

He is a God who wipes the slate clean. He promises to give us a new start. 

He will give you the grace to apologize to your child. He will give you the grace to speak words that build your children up and not tear them down. 

Moms are works in progress too. But we are His handiwork. And He will keep chiselling and shaping us till we reflect more of Him each day. 

Lean In

Father God, I praise You because You are a God to redeems my mistakes. You give me the grace to pick up the pieces and keep going. Thank you for the freedom. 


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Motherhood: The Freedom Of Not Being Enough

Women, particularly moms, are increasingly being told that we are “enough.” Best-selling books, popular blogs and even sermons constantly repeat the “You are enough” mantra. But does that phrase help grow our dependence ...

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