Tell Great Stories, Live Great Lives

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Tell Great Stories

I’m sure you can think of a friend that is great at telling stories. Whether it’s a crazy story of adventure or a sad tale of heartache, you enjoy listening to them because they grab your attention and take you on a journey. They don’t just convey information; they capture your imagination. They connect with your emotions and leave you wanting more.

Jesus was that guy! He was a master storyteller. Thousands would gather to listen to Him; they hung off His every word. He used stories to share the hope in His heart, to conjure deep thought, to challenge mindsets and to change lives. He spoke like a poet, using parable, overstatement, metaphor, sarcasm and dramatic action. Storytelling was His favourite way to communicate and reveal truth.

The Gospel is full of the stories He told. We will look at a few of them today from the book of Luke. There is much to learn from these parables.

Over the next 7 days we will dive into some real-life stories and go on a journey together. We want to help you to share your faith and encourage you to tell your God stories so that people can encounter Jesus and have a story of their own to tell.

To get started, why not share a great story from the yesHEis  app today. It is full of Christian videos worth sharing and blogs to inspire you to share Jesus.